small round green pill v 48 11

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Small round green pill, V on one side, 48 11 on the other. What is it and what mg. Is it? The KGB Agent answer: Not Medical Advice: The pill you described is .

What is a small round pill with a V on front and 48 11 on back? ChaCha Answer: V 4811 is small round green pill v 48 11 15mg Oxycodone Immediate Release, generic fo.
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This pill has a scripted "V" small round green pill v 48 11 on it. It's very small and has a 48 and 11 on the back. (Found in son's pocket.) Thanks for your help.
what is this? one side has this like V but the v takes up the entire side of the pill its like an imprint or something
I have a small blue pill with a v on one side and the numbers 48 12 on the other. anyone know what it is? THIS IS A 30 MILIGRAM OXYCODONE, GENERIC FOR ROXYCODONE.
Best Answer: Well, there are a couple of answers for this one - not just valium so be careful! One green capsule with a V on one side is LITHIUM. Another .
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What is a pill that's green and small round with a v on one side and a line through the middle me the other side with 48 11 written o.
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small round green pill v 48 11


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